Having a dog as a pet is always good for companionship. One of the best breeds to keep is a Rottweiler. There are several advantages of having this breed as a pet.

Some of them are the fact that it is a breed that seems to get along well with small children, since they are natural guard dogs. Another is that when fully grown, they are large thus will be of great help when it comes to getting rid of intruders or burglars.

Although they have these advantages, it can often be hard to train a Rottweiler puppy in the early days. It is not impossible though. With the right guidance, you can be able to train the puppy to do many activities. Her are some great tips for Rottweiler training.

One, teach them commands at around 2 months to seven months old. This is when they will most likely respond to command. If you notice that they are having issues with these commands, try using gestures to show them what you mean. You can start with simple games like fetch or mimic paws. Once the puppy learns to listen to simple commands, move on to the more difficult ones.

Another way to train your puppy is to talk to them in low tones when they as being aggressive. Puppies may start to get impatient as they grow bigger especially during meal times. If this happens, do not ignore or scold the puppy. You must learn to be patient. Talk slowly and in a loving but stern voice to them and they will slowly learn to stop being too aggressive.

In addition to these, try taking your dog out for a walk whenever you can. This way, they will be social with the other dogs. Once they observe the behaviour, they will likely replicate. You can try socializing with dog owners that have a full-grown and trained Rottweiler. The puppy’s likely to mimic their behaviour.

Always award good behaviour with treats. You can keep dog biscuits in the house to give to the puppy whenever they behave well. Commend them in a loving tone when they follow simple commands or if they go out to relieve themselves instead of doing it in the house. The puppy will associate good behaviour with treats and behave well often.

You can always take an online training program for Rottweilers if you are finding your Rottweiler difficult to train. Often, Rottweiler training can be difficult and requires a training program.

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