Thinking about training your miniature schnauzer and enjoying the experience? For most, it can end up


being a frustrating process because there is a lack of clarity as to how this matter should be pursued.

To make sure you’re giving it all to each training session, you want to start with the basic tips mentioned by dog experts.

These are tips experts believe are a must with this breed because of how their genetic disposition is.

1) Balanced Consequences Matter

With miniature schnauzer training, you want to look at your list of consequences. The dog needs it to be made clear right from the get-go.

What does this mean?

There are two types of consequences a dog owner can use in such circumstances. The first consequence is a “positive” one meaning when something good is done (i.e. following a command). This can be something as simple as a “Good boy!” response or a biscuit. You have to test what works.

The next type of consequence is a “negative” one and is perhaps the most important part of training your miniature schnauzer.

You want to get this spot on.

The best negative consequence is to use your body expression and tone of voice. A lot of people try physical consequences, and those don’t work nor are they recommended. It can create a real gap between both parties.

Instead, a sharp “No!” or a saddened negative expression can do a lot more for the miniature schnauzer.

2) Stimulation Matters

The best part about miniature schnauzer is they’re easy to train if you put in the effort. They are a highly intelligent breed, so they’re not going to fall by the wayside halfway through as long as your passion doesn’t die out.

The goal should be to stimulate them as much as you can through exercise, general movement, and high IQ activities.

They will love it, and that’s going to build a certain amount of respect in their eyes for you.

3) Stay Patient

This is the final tip, and that goes for any breed including your miniature schnauzer.

The goal is to stay patient. There are going to be ups and downs in the training process, but you have to stick to it and see them all the way through.

It is the only way you will get things done.

These are the three key miniature schnauzer training tips to look into as dog owners.

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