Dogs are the best to have around if you need a friend. They are loyal and with the right training very obedient. It is not always easy to train a dog though. Here are some great tips to follow if you have a Miniature Pinscher breed.


First, the most difficult thing to teach a puppy that has gotten used to the indoors is to relieve themselves outside. Most times they will end up doing it on the rug or in a corner. This can be very frustrating. To stop this, start taking your puppy outside when it is time for them to go.

When you notice that they always go at a certain time, create a schedule to walk them around then. They will soon learn that they should relieve themselves outside.

The second tip for Miniature Pinscher training is learning how to follow commands. Whenever you give them an order they should follow. Be careful not to sound too harsh or impatient with the puppy. This can lead to either the puppy getting timid or becoming aggressive. Using the right tone to teach the puppy what you want is very important.

If you do not know what to do, you call a professional trainer to do guide you through the steps.

In addition to that, you will need to train your puppy meal times. When the puppy is small, you may feed it more often but as it grows bigger, you will have to observe particular meal times because their food portions will increase. If they are not trained they will always look for food at odd times and may even begin to open the fridge or food bags just to get food.

Another important step in Miniature Pinscher training is association with other dogs. The puppy has to be taught to be friendly and not too aggressive. If this is not taught, the puppy may become extremely aggressive to strangers or get in dog fights with other dogs during walks or whenever it is outside.

For commands, try to teach the puppy to listen to you by doing the actions yourself. Start with simple ones like roll over or sit. Remember that you will need to keep reminding them of the commands so that they do not forget.

If the training you use is not working, try different methods and see if they will take effect.

Feel free to check out some free online training videos to train your Miniature Pinscher by clicking here! You will also find an online training program at the same link if you are interested in one. You can also check out my review of his online training program on my blog.