There are many dog owners who believe that dog training is only necessary if you have a competition or show dog. The truth however is that all dogs and those who love dogs can greatly benefit from being trained. It is also a fact that all dogs can be trained, regardless of their breed. Experienced dog trainers can attest to the fact that there are countless benefits for dogs and their humans associated with dog training.

Here are the five main reasons why it is important to train your dog:

1. Improves Bond between Dog and Humans

Dog training is education for the dog and his human family; it helps to foster a harmonious relationship between all involved. Dogs are pack creatures; this means that it is in their nature to seek a leader. If a dog owner does not assume the role of leader, which is usually done through dog training. If not, then your dog may try to become the leader and this can cause countless problems.

2. Guarantees that you and Your Dog Spend Time Together

It can be tons of fun to work with your dog on behavioral issues. It provides your dog with the opportunity to succeed and to please you; this is what a dog truly wants. It provides you with the opportunity to learn all of your dog’s abilities and quirks and it helps strengthen your relationship. The exercise during the process is also mutually beneficial.

3. A Trained Dog is More Fun and Enjoyable

A dog that is well behaved is tons of fun to take to the park and walk, they are easy to enjoy while at the beach, camping or hiking and they are generally more pleasant. It also provides more opportunities due to the fact that many establishments allow dogs to enter if they are trained, behave well in public, stay near their owner and instantly respond to commands.

4. Problem Behaviors are eliminated with Training

Problem behaviors such as digging, barking, jumping on visitors, chewing, house soiling, and more, can be eliminated with training. This is because as mentioned above, training makes a pack order for your family that the dog respects and will feel secure with. Training also provides some variety for your dog; this avoids the root of many behavioral problems which is boredom.

5. It Can Save Your Dog’s Life

This is a very important reason; literally dog training can save your dog’s life. For example, if your dog happens to get off his leash while on a busy and packed street, and if you call out to your dog to return, a trained dog will immediately respond and come back to you and safety. This helps to keep your dog away from situations that could potentially even cost it its life.

Although dog training does take time, effort and a lot of patience, the results and benefits from dog training are worth it. You can avoid your belongings being destroyed, your dog from fighting with other dogs or biting a human and have a more enjoyable and harmonious relationship with your furry friend.