Finding The Best Dog Training For You And Your Pet

Are you looking for the best ways to train your dog? Well, you should know that most training methods out there are based on what the owner wants rather than anticipating the dog’s needs. Here is a summary about various dog training methods and how you can choose the best one for you.

1. Positive Only Dog Training

Here, you can bribe your dog with food or toys and if the dog does something good, he is rewarded. You can use a clicker device as a conditioning tool. That way, whenever your dog is doing something good, you can click the device and give him something good. Upon hearing the clicker device, the dog knows that whatever behavior he’s doing is good and deserves a good reward.

Yes, it is a good dog training method but there are some flaws to it. First, it works only when you’re teaching your dog fun things, especially tricks, where it’s irrelevant whether your dog obeys or not. For instance, if you instruct your dog to shake hands and roll over and doesn’t do it, then it’s irrelevant. However, the method is less effective with other dog-training techniques.

For instance, teaching your dog to come to you in the presence of distractions or temptations. Also, it doesn’t work when you’re teaching your dog to stand quietly when he’s being groomed or his teeth are being brushed. The same will not work when you’re teaching your pet to be polite around strangers or other pets. Therefore, the method is quite flawed when you’re teaching your dog to act like a well-behaved pet.

So what can you do when you want your pet to stop chasing a cat or come whenever you beckon? Of course, at that moment, he is not hungry and doesn’t want to play with their favorite toy. Rather, they would prefer chasing the cat. Well, that’s where using a leash might come in handy.

If you have been using positive only training, you’re stuck whenever your pet isn’t in the mood to do anything. Of course, if the pet wants to chase a cat, he will do it regardless of how many biscuits you might try to bribe him with. The method doesn’t teach your dog to respect you. Keep in mind that respect is the only thing that motivates a dog to be well-behaved, even when he would rather be doing something else.

2. Respect Training

Here, you can achieve a balanced form of training with there being positive and negative consequences for any behavior. Positive consequences encourage your pet to repeat the same behavior. Negative consequences discourage your pet from repeating the behavior. Is the puppy playing a little too rough or unfair with the rest? The momma dog should stop the behavior immediately.

A growl from the momma dog is a signal for the puppy to stop playing rough. Of course, if the puppy is playing reasonably, the mom would respond with a positive action such as a pat on the head or a brush on their fur. Of course, with the negative consequences, the puppy will not become depressed and stop playing altogether. He will still continue playing but do it gently the next time round.

If you want your pet to start behaving appropriately, you need to choose a balanced training method. That way, bad behavior is rewarded with negative consequences and good behavior receives a positive reward. The positive rewards include praise, petting, more games, treats and more food.

The negative consequences include correcting your pet’s undesirable behaviors with your voice, facial expressions or your overall body language. You can also use a collar, a leash or your hands whenever necessary to correct your pet’s behavior. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should hit, use choke collars, yell at your pet or use shock collars. You don’t need to be hurtful or harsh to your pet to correct any undesirable behavior.

Respect training is a way to teach your pet to follow your leadership and commands at all times. You need to be fair and realistic with your pet. By showing him both positive and negative consequences, he can make an informed decision. He can choose to continue or stop doing something, regardless of whether or not he is in the mood or there’s a treat afterwards. Basically, it’s a cause and effect relationship.

Of course, there are some rewards for you as well. By becoming the arbiter of your dog’s actions, especially saying the right and wrong behaviors, your dog will learn how to respect you accordingly. With respect comes proper listening skills and more attention and focus to you. Therefore, any time your pet is misbehaving, you can always command him to stop and he will halt it immediately.

In conclusion, teaching your pet how to respect you is one of the ways you can improve your co-existence. You will never hear your neighbors complaining that your pet barks loudly in the middle of the night or chases away the mailman. Also, the rest of the pets in your home should have peace.