Dog training is an exercise that many people confess to know nothing about. Training your dog to adopt desirable and acceptable behaviors is however not a difficult task. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can effectively training any dog out there today. The main objective of training your dog is to get rid of undesirable behaviors and introduce good behaviors and manners that make your dog a loyal, obedient and lovable companion. Different methods are used to train dogs depending on various factors such as age and breed. For instance, if you have a boxer dog, there are specific training methods used to train this specific dog breed.


Using the recommended methods to train your boxer dog will result in a better success rate than using other general methods. All dog breeds are not the same. The boxer breed is for instance known to be protective of its family and territory. This is different from other dog breeds that may not be so concerned about things and people around them. Most people associate boxer dogs with hostility and aggression. This is one of the main reasons people fear training these dogs.

On the contrary boxer dogs are quite playful. Do not let the dog’s posture or physique fool you to think that all this dog can do is attack and bite. However, you have to train your boxer dog in order for it to adopt these desirable character traits. Without proper training, boxer dogs can result back to their primitive instincts thereby causing a lot of frustrations their dog owners.

Boxers are actually one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there today. These dogs are quite aware of everything that goes on around them and this makes it hard for their owners to train them. So do not be surprised when your dog start giving you some angry stares when you order them to perform a specific task. Your boxer will understand what you are telling him to do but he may just sit there to watch what you are going to do instead. This is where a lot of patience is needed. Here are some key tips to get your started.

•Begin Training Early On

•Focus on Reward Base Training

•Start With Basic Commands Such as Sit and Stay

•Don’t Be Afraid To Use a Crate

•Stay in Control

•Don’t Let Your Boxer Outsmart You


•Use a Dog Training Program for Maximum Success

Training From Infancy

Boxer dogs are best trained when they are puppies. You can start training anywhere from thirteen to sixteen weeks. This is to make the dog understand your role as his master from the beginning. Training should start with playful methods before the dog matures. Increasing your socialization with the dog as it grows up is extremely important so that you can become its loyal companion and master. You therefore need to capture the attention of your dog throughout its up bring.


Again, socializing with your boxer dog as often as possible is very crucial and paramount in successful training. You have to make your dog to get used to social situations where it is essentially sharing its space with you or other people. This will help in lowering the dog’s protective instincts considerably. Socializing with other dogs is also very important. You need to put your boxer dog in a situation where he is receiving instructions alongside other dogs so that he sees other models of appropriate behavior. You should always remember that your boxer dog is intelligent that most other dogs out there today so they can learn from both you and other dogs as well.

Some words of caution for boxer owners are that they should never be hostile to their dogs especially when they are in their young ages. Boxer dogs do not take aggression very well and as a boxer dog owner, you should not force your dog to become angry or aggressive.

For some free training videos to get you started on training your boxer, click here! I think that you’ll find them very helpful 🙂